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Brew X Coffee Roasting

House Roast, Colombian Blend

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Situated in Gaitania, Tolima, an area historically impacted by conflict and renowned as the birthplace of Colombian coffee, Emmanuel, a dedicated coffee grower, embarked on a venture. In 2016 in collaboration with his family, they established a coffee processing center aimed at assisting over 15 villages in Gaitania, facilitating local coffee growers in bean processing. Together they created this well balanced varietal coffee. We think it’s so great, we decided to make it our house coffee for espresso and drip. 

Notes: red fruit, citrus, chocolate 

Region: Tolima

Processing: Washed

Drying Method: Raised Bed

Cultivar: Blend

Elevation: 5900ft

Roast Level: Medium 

Whole Bean/Ground 250g